About Us

MyDrivingTestCenter.com is the source for everything related to the driving test. Whether you are just starting to study for the written test or recently passed your test, you can find information about it here.

Our Goal

Deliver information and eliminate stress to all drivers currently going through driver’s training. We understand that learning to drive can be a real difficulty for some people. Because of that, we try to provide the best materials and aides available on the market.

Our Resources

We have access to a wide variety information regarding the driving test, including our very own guide, Pass Your Driving Test. Besides them, our staff has access to many guides and insurance offers that young drivers need. If it’s out there, we can find it.

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If, for any reason, you need to contact us, just write us an email at nadavs (at) mydrivingtestcenter.com. This email goes directly to our headquarters, which assures a quick response that you can take seriously.