Practical Test – Do’s And Don’ts For the Driving Test

You already have your permit, you practiced, but you are still afraid of the practical test. It is understandable, since this test can be intimidating and you may not always know what you are expected to do. While some people only need the minimum hours required by law, others need some more practice and guidance. If you do, it means nothing about you. Driving is not an easy task, especially for beginners. Here are our tips for a successful test. Our first one: get a study guide.

Recommended Practical Test Guides

  1. Our very own Pass Your Driving Test. It may be shameless self promotion, but we stand behind our own people and their work. This guide is good for all states.
  2. California Drivers Test Made Easy – this book was written by Alice Syman, a former DMV examiner. Her great reviews clearly indicate that she knows what she is talking about.


  1. Don’t go over the speed limit. There is no possible reason to do that. Most tests take place in urban areas, and even if you need to drive on a freeway, the speed limit is high enough so you will not go over it.
  2. Don’t forget to signal. It’s a minor fault, but these add up quickly and can lead to your failure.
  3. Don’t get creative. Do what the examiner asks and what you’ve trained for.


  1. Wear your seat belt. It’s the law, it’s safe, and failing to do so will probably fail you.
  2. Take your time on risky maneuvers, such as parallel parking. It’s OK if it takes two or three seconds more than usual, just show that you can do it correctly.
  3. As we said, get a guide. If you don’t know what to do, get someone or something to help you. There is no shame in that. You can use our recommendations below.

driver on practical test

Final Words

Your instructor is a very important source of knowledge. Make sure you take advantage of his or her experience and tips, and don’t think you know more than they do. If you have any question, you may ask them, ask us, or even ask the DMV.

And finally, don’t forget the best way to become a better driver, before and after you pass the test: practice, practice, practice. Drive as much as you can, gain experience, and gain confidence. With this mindset, you will pass with flying colors, guaranteed.