Written Test

The first step in obtaining your driver’s license is passing a written test. This is usually the first step, and only after you pass it you can finally start driving. Some people can pass with nothing more than their state DMV handbook, while others need more help and practice questions to do it. Here you can find some tips and our favorite guides that will help you pass the test easily.

Get Recommended Written Test Guides Now

  1. Our first recommendation is, of course, our very own Pass Your Permit Test. This guide has questions, answers, and tips that will help you ace the permit test. If you don’t have Kindle, it is also available in a paperback version.
  2. If you live in New York, you may find this guide useful. It has great reviews, but available only on Kindle.
  3. Another one for New Yorkers is this guide from Tom James. It currently has only one review (as of January 2017) and only a Kindle version, but seems like a good choice if you don’t choose our own guide (which we, of course, recommend).
  4. For Californians out there, Richard P. Clem offers a variety of options for purchase, including Kindle and paperback. This guide has over 300 questions and tips, although some might be outdated due to new rules in California.
  5. DMV Test Practice Driving Questions – that’s the name of the book by DMV-Test.com. Quite pricey for a book, but can definitely help.
  6. If you’re into DVDs, you must try “Rules of the Road.” Its price is the highest among the offered guides here, but it covers much more than just the written test.
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Mark correctly and pass your permit test

Our Tips

  1. Study, study, study. You may think you know the material very well, but there can always be some surprises.
  2. Sleep well. Just like any other test, the permit test requires your full attention. A good night sleep will get you there.
  3. Eat and drink enough. You want to focus on your test, not your hunger or thirst.
  4. If you need, get a guide. Sometimes it’s good to get a book that focuses on the exact steps and questions for the test.

One Final Advice

The most important resource you should study from is your local DMV’s handbook. Most of these guides are updated once every few years, if ever. Only the DMV has the funds to issue a new book each and every year, with up-to-date rules and regulations. When in doubt, always consult that book.