Car Insurance

After you’ve gotten your license, there is one more step to take, and it’s a big one: insure yourself. Besides the fact that it’s the law, a good insurance policy will save your wallet in a time of crisis. Accidents happen, and it’s not always your fault. However, it’s important to be financially ready for such case so you won’t find yourself bankrupt if something goes wrong. There are many insurers out there, and you need to pick a good one. Being a young driver is not easy (financially speaking), but it can be done.

Our Insurance Tips

  1. First, obey local laws. Every state and country defines a minimal mandatory coverage which you must purchase. Driving without it is illegal and can get you into trouble even without being involved in an accident.
  2. Consider what you need. Most companies would love to offer more coverage than you actually need. Don’t fall for that. However, do not take a policy that offers less than what you need. The minimum is not always enough.
  3. Compare prices. Car insurance is quite a competitive market (in some countries,) which pretty much guarantees you can quote companies against each other and get a good rate. Yes, even if you are a beginner on the road.
  4. Don’t marry your insurance company. If you have a policy with one, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever. Always compare, make the insurer work hard to lower your price. Be a smart consumer.

Insurance Recommendations

  1. Esurance. This is an old company, well known for its competitive prices and great rates.
  2. USAA. They may seem like they only work with veterans and military personnel, but they offer pretty good rates on car insurance as well.

Get insured today so you won’t be sorry tomorrow. It’s just as important as doing well on your test.