First Time Driving: Skylan

Yes! It’s time for another person’s first time driving. Today is Skylan’s turn. She drives around a parking lot, trying to learn the difference between D and R. She is not a screamer or a laugher, and not even the main attraction of this video. This time, it’s the mother.

Yeah, some of you probably recognize the style: an over-anxious parent who screams after every turn. Fortunately, Skylan lives in a rural area wherre she can drive around without seeing any car. Just imagine what would happen if her mother had to tolerate her going more than 10 miles per hour in a big city.

Skylan’s Way Ahead After Her First Time Driving

This video is from July 2016, so Skylan may already have her licesne. Even if she did, it is almost guaranteed that her mom will make her go insane as soon as she hits the road (sorry, Skylan’s mom!). However, it shows how caring her mother is, which is always good.

Good luck to you Skylan. We would love to have your comments here. If you need assistance, our driving test guides are always available.