New Government Test Sites for Self-Driving Cars

Google self-driving carsSelf-driving cars are still under development, but already create a huge hype. Their tests have been going on for years, and more and more cars of this kind go on the road every year. On his last day on the job, former US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx created a list of test sites for self driving cars.

What Self-Driving Cars Mean To Us

These cars raise an interesting question: how will people be licensed to use them? On the one hand, it’s a fully autonomous machine. There is no need for human intervention in most cases. On the other hand, current self-driving cars always have a human operator who can take control whenever necessary. Will it still be necessary when development is complete? It’s hard to be sure.

It’s interesting to think about the role of the DMV in a world of cars that drive automatically. A good guess might be that a license will still be necessary, but with less strict demands and rules. The age of being in a car alone will probably decrease, and the written test will have entirely different questions.

For now we’ll just have to wait until development is complete and hope that these cars will be as safe and as easy to operate as possible. It will be a great revolution, and we just have to sit back and enjoy it.

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