Indian Driving Test About to Get Harder

If you have any plan to take the Indian driving test in the Kozhikode state, be prepared for a tougher test. According to the Regional Transport Office, the procedure is about to get tougher. According to the Deputy Transport Commissioner, a harder test means more competent drivers. Well, in that case, we would like to call nonsense. A driving test should be efficient, not hard. It should be hard for those who don’t drive well, but easy for those who know how to drive.

Indian driving test

Indian street

The new test will include a gradient test (for correct usage of the parking brake) and reverse parking, which are good skills to be tested on. Also, students are expected to look in the rear view mirrors rather than rods on the track. This is quite obvious, and points to a serious flaw in driving schools: they sometimes focus too much on the test and not on driving. That’s why a driving test shouldn’t be “hard”. It’s complete and utter nonsense to make a test “hard” on purpose. Failing people deliberately will not create more competent drivers, but more frustrated drivers.

What Should the Indian Driving Test Contain?

This one is quite obvious, but apparently needs restating: test people on what matters. Make sure they can operate a vehicle safely on local roads. Test them for technical car usage, important skills (such as parking, which was suggested here.) Examine whether or not they can merge into traffic, blend without interfering. If someone knows how to drive, it shouldn’t be hard.

One final tip for the Transport Office: if too many experienced drivers fail this test, it is unnecessarily hard. People who have been on the road for a few years should have no trouble passing any driving test, so please try to make yours a good one.

Meanwhile, if you need help with your driving test, in our outside of India, be sure to check out our guides.

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