From Our Staff: Railroad Crossing

Living next to the train tracks is usually a sign of poverty, or at least living in a bad area. I, one of the staff members of, live next to the tracks, but you can trust me I’m OK. However, there are some downsides, especially considering I live quite close to a crossing. Trains make SO-MUCH-NOISE. They all run on diesel, which means I have to suffer the sound of the engine and the sound of the wheels. Trust me, it’s not as fun as it sounds. There is also the sound of a railroad crossing which dings all day long.

However, what’s even more horrifying is the way people treat the crossings. When the red lights start flashing, most people will stop and wait until the train has passed, but not everyone. Some people prefer to risk death and save a few minutes. When the bell starts ringing, they just speed up to beat the barrier. Pedestrians don’t even rush as much – they just go under the barrier and run on the tracks. If they slip and fall they face certain death, but apparently they don’t care.

A Little Request

If you live near a railroad crossing, I urge you to drive safely around there. Remember: you can’t drive when there is a headstone above you. Nothing is worth losing your life. Drive safely, it will only do good for you.

During a driving test, don’t try to be a hero. Follow the rules of railroad crossings. Just wait until the train passes. It will definitely increase your chance of passing.

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