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If you considered getting our guides but decided to avoid it right now, you might want to reconsider. Starting today, and for a week only, Pass Your Driving Test in paperback version and Pass Your Permit Test in Kindle version are now available for a discount.

The Kindle version now runs a countdown deal, which means its price is the lowest right now (February 5th), and will rise every 40 hours. The paperback version is offered for 20% less for the entire week. One week from now, on February 12, prices will go back to normal, and will probably stay there for a long, long time.

Why Offer Discounts on Our Guides?

We think that it’s good to offer discounts from time to time. Just like big stores provide discounts during special times (such as holidays,) we like to do it too. For example, the very first version of Pass Your Driving Test was published on February 2008. Yes, nine years ago. Sounds pretty impressive

Additionally, we would like to offer a chance to give back to loyal followers of this website. Yes, it’s very young, but sometimes you just have to be lucky enough to find something when it’s new. If you know someone who will benefit from this discount, feel free to share this.

How to Get Your Discounts?

It’s super-easy. If you want the Kindle version, follow this link and just enjoy the discount price. If you want the paperback version, use this link, which leads to CreateSpace. There, on the checkout page, use the code UZLXV2TZ. It won’t work on Amazon, so make sure you order from the right website.

Get these discounts while they last. After that, they’re gone!

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