Crash Your DMV Test

Sometimes people can be very unlucky. It may be hard to believe, but not all driving tests go as planned. Sometimes you forget to signal, sometimes you miss a stop sign, and sometimes you crash into a pickup truck. Such experience during the DMV test is really unfortunate.

Apparently, the truck ran a yellow light, jumped the curb, flew in the air, and smashed several cars in the DMV parking lot. Seems like this woman was not the only unfortunate person in this incident. To end the article with some humor, the writer even specified that it’s not known whether or not the woman passed her test.

Handle Bad Luck in a Real DMV Test

Yes, bad things happen. That’s life. A driving test is quite short, so you will probably not have to worry so much about unfortunate events. However, you may (and probably) make mistakes, which means you need to handle yourself properly. When something of this kind happens, the first thing you need to do is calm down. Relax. Yes, you may have just failed the test, but you still need to return to the DMV in one piece.

Secondly, just continue the test like nothing happened. You never know what the examiner thinks. There are plenty of stories of people who made mistakes, thought their license was gone, and yet managed to pass. Most examiners will never disclose the test result before the test ends, so you may still have a chance.

Unless you crash into a truck. Don’t do that.

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