Cheating on the Driving Test – It Never Ends Well

Cheating on the driving test

Cheating on the driving test

When you take your theoretical driving test, make sure you answer all questions on your own. If you use aids such as a Bluetooth earpiece you could go to jail. That’s what happened to Zaid Sultan who passed his test recently, but was caught and sent to jail. Cheating on the driving test isn’t good for anyone.

Apparently, Zaid tried the driving test three times before but failed. In his fourth time he suddenly became a star student and passed with flying colors. This sudden improvement triggered an alert in the minds of examiners present in the area and they stopped him for questioning after he passed. There he gave them the earpiece and phone.

Consequences of Cheating on the Driving Test

Other than going to jail, passing a test by fraud means that that you’re not ready. The theory test measures how familiar you are with the rules of the road, and if you’re not, you should not be on the road. Period. Yes, many experienced drivers seem to forget some rules, but they have enough experience and instincts to cover that.

Besides possible damage to the cheater, cheating compromises the reliability of the test. Licensing authorities are a monopoly, and people need to trust the licenses they provide. If licenses are gained by fraud, they become worthless pieces of plastic.

Don’t endanger others and yourself. Don’t be dishonest. Don’t cheat and drive.

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