British Driving Test is Facing Changes

A driver preparing for the British driving test

A driver preparing for the British driving test

Driving tests, much like schools, have not changed much since they were introduced. You still need to follow a series of directions, given by the instructor, and prove that you are not a risk. Even with the rigidity of government agencies, it seems like the British driving test is about to face some changes. One major change could be navigating using an application rather than by road signs.

In today’s world, many people follow directions from a satellite navigation system, such as Waze. These systems make navigation extremely easy and almost render road signs obsolete. Following road sings is an important skill, but it’s much more important to use any resource available to get to your destination. Testing drivers on their ability to use a navigation system prepares them to the real world.

More Changes to the British Driving Test

Other than satellite navigation, the new test has more planned changes. One of them is reversing into and out of parking bays instead of corners. This change sounds reasonable, since parking bays are much more common. Vehicle safety is another addition, and it’s always a good topic to emphasize. Too many people know how to move the car, but don’t know how to do so safely.

The major change for the self-driving part, besides the usage of satellite navigation, is the time. Until now, drivers had to drive on their own, using road signs, for ten minutes. When these changes take place, drivers will have to drive for 20 minutes on their own. Although they won’t have to follow road signs, driving for so long is a breeding ground for mistakes. Hopefully the scoring chart will change as well to reflect these changes.

All in all, it seems like these changes will be positive. UK drivers will probably be better prepared to real-world driving than others, which is always good news.

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